Infants can begin our program at 6 weeks of age. As families prepare, to join our program, we strongly encourage your family to come to the center for visits before the first day of care. This will allow you to get to know the teachers, other babies, and the layout of the classroom. We can answer any questions you may have and hopefully make the first day go a bit easier for you and your child.

St. Paul CELC teachers work with each individual family to ensure that their infant’s schedule is based on the individual needs of the infant.

St. Paul CELC supports mothers who are breastfeeding. You are welcome at any time to come into the center to breastfeed your child. You are able to stay in the infant room or we have a private room where you can go for quiet bonding time with your baby. We also accept breast milk for feedings in ready to feed sanitary containers labeled with your child’s name, and the date the milk was packaged.

Individual lesson plans are also created each week for your child. The activities are age appropriate and designed to help your child learn and grow. Child assessments and portfolios are completed for each child. This allows the teachers to track and document your child’s development.

Your child will be taken care of by our team of caring professionals. Each day you can be assured that your child is in a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment where all of their needs will be met.