At St. Paul Christian Early Learning Center…
…our team of professional educators is proud to foster a Christian atmosphere of care and nurturing to encourage children to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually. We are a leading provider of care and instruction for infants aged six weeks through children in 6th grade.

Conveniently located in the heart of the Lititz community, our facilities provide a secure, spacious, and bright indoor world for discovery and learning along with ample outdoor space to explore. Our days together combine a balance of structured activities and freedom within a daily routine.

Our Philosophy & Goals

Our philosophy is based on the individual needs of each child and his or her family. We believe in creating a hands-on, child-centered environment where each child can learn and grow at a pace that is right for him or her.

Our St. Paul Christian Early Learning Center team of Professional Educators is dedicated to these goals:

  • providing a safe, secure, nurturing and loving environment;
  • ensuring that active learning and teaching takes place for each child;
  • providing support for the families we serve and their children.

Our Staff

At St. Paul CELC we believe that our professional team of caregivers and instructors is the foundation of our programs. Classrooms are guided by teachers holding Bachelor and Associate Degrees in Elementary or Early Childhood Education, or Child Development Associate Certifications. St. Paul CELC meets or exceeds all state standards for high quality care and instruction by our experienced and educated staff members. Our teachers are required to maintain continuing education credits on an annual basis, including CPR with first aid and fire safety trainings.


At St. Paul CELC, we provide developmentally appropriate activities for all children based on PA Early Learning Standards in areas of intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. We offer a balanced variety of teacher-directed activities, child-directed activities, quiet and active times within a stable classroom routine and nurturing environment. Units and projects build on children’s interests and provide hands-on activities that revolve around math, science, language, social studies, art, music and motor skills.

Portfolios, Assessments & Conferences

In order to track each child’s growth and development, our teachers document learning and progress with portfolios. Portfolios are compiled with observations made in the classroom and children’s work samplings throughout the year. Portfolios are available at all times for parents to review.

Formal assessments are completed three times per year to gauge each child’s knowledge, skills, and behaviors. Portfolios and assessments are the basis for Parent-Teacher Conferences and enable our teachers to work in partnership with parents to develop goals and address concerns to help with a child’s social, emotional, or cognitive development. Conferences are held two to three times per year, or at the request of a parent, teacher, or the Director.

Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome at all times at St. Paul CELC! We encourage parents to spend time each day in the child’s classroom to explore and learn more about the child’s daily environment and converse with teachers.

Families are encouraged to share traditions, beliefs, and family experiences as part of our curriculum, and to participation in classroom activities and events. Parents are partners for our staff team and play a very important role in developing mutually set goals for each child’s learning experience.

Parents are also encouraged to become involved in our PTOs, and to serve when volunteers are sought for special activities.

CELC Committee

St. Paul CELC is overseen by a committee of up to 10 volunteers, including representatives of St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, parents, and community professionals. The CELC Committee welcomes input and advice from those with expertise in education, psychology, law, medical practice, or other fields.